The Mortal Kombat story begins with Shang Tsung starting the tenth Mortal Kombat tournament. If Outworld(the enemies)wins, it will absorb Earthrealm. It follows Lord Raiden and his allies as they try to save Earthrealm. The tournament begins with the broadway actor Johnny Cage defeating Reprile and Baraka. He then defeats Sonya and then rescues her from Kano. Sonya then attempts to rescue her CO, Jax. In the process, Sonya defeats Sub Zero, and Raiden, while protecting Shang Tsung. Sonya then defeats Kitana and Jade, followed by Kano. The next day, Scorpion defeats Kung Lao, Nightwolf, Cyrax, and Sektor. Scorpion then kills Sub Zero after being tricked by Quan Chi. Cyrax is then challenged by Sheeva and Baraka. He Then disobeyes Shang Tsung for not killing Johnny Cage, and that is why he battles Sektor. With only Liu Kang remaining from Earthrealm, he battles and defeats Ermac, Scorpion, Goro, Quan Chi, and then Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung then goes back to Outworld to break the news to Shao Kahn, who spares his life and then revitalizes him. Shang Tsung then goes back to Earthrealm and releases a portal. Baraka and hundreds of Tarktans come pouring out.