All MK9 Battle Cries(DLCs and Reptile do not have battle cries)

Scorpion: Vengeance will be mine! Liu Kang: Show me what you can do. Kung Lao: For the Shaolin! Sub Zero: Feel death's cold embrace. Tundra: This fight will be your last! Sindel: You are pathetic and weak! Ermac: We are Many. You are but one. Kitana: You will learn respect! Johnny Cage: I make this look easy. Jade: This will be easy. Mileena: Let's Dance! Nightwolf: Ancestors give me strength Cyrax: I'll kill you if I have to! Cyber Cyrax: Safeties Disabled. Combat mode engaged. Noob Saibot: Fear Me! Smoke: Wherever Smoke, there is fire! Sektor: For the Lin Kuea! Cyber Sektor: I will show no mercy! Sonya: Looks like we're going to do this the hard way. Jax: Bring it! Kano: No Charge Stryker: Police brutality comin up! Shang Tsung: Your soul is mine! Baraka: My blades will find your heart! Kabal: Let's see what your made of. Raiden: Thunder take you! Cyber Tundra: You are not so fearsome. Sheeva: For the Shokan! Quan Chi: You will serve me in the Netherrealm! Kratos: You will not see the end of this day! Goro: I will give you a warriors death. Kintaro: Humans, less ugly when they burn! Shao Kahn: Prepare to die!